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Time for HR to Create Intelligent Exp...

Time for HR to Create Intelligent Experiences

How to Apply Research & Development Method’s Directly into Recruitment & Development The Expectations of HR It is always a troublesome task that HR faces when looking at the trends and troughs of recruitment and development drives.  Constantly bombarded with the new current fad, or stuck in a process that is too old to challenge […]

E-Assessment Environments: A Virtual ...

E-Assessment Environments: A Virtual Quest to Reduce Managerial Bias

    Bias in recruitment and selection has taken a lot of stick in recent years.  Organisational standards implores that policies and procedures inject a heavy dose of being mindful when it comes to equality and diversity in recruiting new candidates.  Of course this is not just what the law requires, but also on how […]

t-PHI Article: Using Immersive Assess...

t-PHI Article: Using Immersive Assessments Alongside Existing Processes

‘Immersive assessments enables more specific situations and work contexts to be simulated’.   We have witnessed three changes to the workplace that we believe impact significantly the initial assessment arena for both the applicant and the recruiting organisation – and it’s about being more specific and more focused on what a job requires. The growth of […]

t-PHI Article: HR Zone Immersive Asse...

t-PHI Article: HR Zone Immersive Assessments: a fad or the future?

‘Candidates want to see a direct link between the assessment and the skills/behaviours needed in the job – and to experience the role itself. Furthermore, they want to see an innovative use of technology’   Want to read t-PHI’s recently published paper on Immersive Assessment: a fad or the future? You can access the exclusive HR Zone […]