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We Help Organisations Create Intelligent Experiences

t-PHI helps HR implement vision and strategic insights into their existing approach, or create new experiences based on psychometric science and immersive assessment &  development techniques.

The message is simple – its all about the Experience!  We do this in three steps.  These can be applied together or separately depending on what your current requirements are:


1.  We help you understand and identify the psychological profile of the people you need for your business

2. We take a people centric approach across the entire online experience of your talent management process

3. We work with you to improve your behavioural (HR) metrics by engaging immersive assessments and simulations


Download our guide ‘Become The HR Agent of Change’ for a quick overview of t-PHIs proposition and how we help organisations learn from their own candidate and employee experiences.


Improving Recruitment & Development:

Immersive assessment sits on a continuum of assessment techniques between situationally based techniques and assessment centres.

Immersive assessments can be used at many stages in the talent management cycle, either alongside or in place of more traditional psychometric assessments.

Immersive Assessment Continuum


Real-life Examples:

Virtual Games-Based Assessment:

We have designed and developed the psychometrics that are responsible for key behavioural measurements such as ‘competency potential and performance’ which have been embedded into a virtual game. Find out more by visiting Ipsemet

Contact us today to talk about how we can help you decide the best mix of psychometrics (either off the shelf or bespoke), to provide reliability, adverse impact and validity to your process.

Virtual e-Assessment & Development Environments:

We are currently researching new methods of assessment via our own 3D virtual environment.  We partner with VirBELA to bring together innovative e-assessment experiences within the virtual reality worlds they have created to help tackle topics such as diversity and bias within the assessment process.

Contact us today to talk about how we can build a virtual e-assessment environment for your organisation, or if you would like a private tour.

Applying Behavioural Metrics:

We have helped clients unlock ‘behavioural metrics’.  This is an immersive approach which helps organisations identify how their people actually perform in the workplace.  We can help you predict future performance, assessment, career development and leadership potential.

Find out more about how we have helped our clients re-assess their HR Big Data: Unlocking Behavioural Metrics


If you wish to discuss how we can work with you please contact us today.

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