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Improving Online Experiences

t-PHI is a supplier of psychological and psychometric expertise to companies who want to build innovative and effective online products for selection, performance and job assessment.

As we are independent from psychometric providers we can help introduce existing or completely new ways of meeting your assessment needs.

We always apply an evidence based approach to our work to create an engaging experience with measurable and valid metrics.

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Immersive Assessments for Improved Candidate Experience

New methods of assessment and development we research and apply to organisations with practical results:

• Virtual Games-based Assessment

We have helped improve organisations experience by testing the impact of different recruitment experiences on attraction and validity.

We help organisations build virtual games by designing the psychometrics responsible for the measurement of competency potential and individual players performance.

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Assessment & Selection Tools


• Assessment Centre Software

• Situational Judgement Tests

• e-Mail Based Simulations

• Psychometric Testing


human integration

  • Talent Assessment Strategy & Analytics
  • User Experience Design
  • Assessment Audit
  • Assessment Design
  • Recruiting & Sifting
  • On-Boarding & Development
  • Change Management

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