How to Apply User Research to Online Experiences

What do your candidates think about your online recruitment site?

How easy is it for your people to manage assessments and to obtain the results they really need?

How usable are the competing online applicant tracking or learning management products that you are thinking of investing in?

Applying User Research:

User research provides the means to answer the questions above, particularly when combined with a sampling strategy that will also assess (using very simple and quick tools) personality and other dimensions.

Current usability metrics tend to measure task efficiency and user satisfaction using qualitative or quantitative measures.

At t-PHI we extend these by analysing actual user journeys.
This is combined with psychometric measures to personalise your recruitment & development sites.

Create intelligent experiences, by personalising the recruitment (and employee engagement) online journey by taking account of user needs.

Our passion is to help companies and people (recruits) who should be working together – get together.