Creating Intelligent Experiences

t-PHI is a supplier of psychological and psychometric expertise to companies who want to build innovative and effective online products for selection, performance and job assessment.

We focus on online solutions for the people issues that you will face in the future, as part of this we identify the psychological drivers and de-railers that you are facing during recruitment, selection, employee development and performance appraisal.

t-PHI always applies an evidence based approach to our work.  This can range from qualitative and quantitative analysis of online user needs and behaviours, to the creation and validation of new assessment metrics and psychometric based tools.  As t-PHI is independent from psychometric providers we can help introduce existing or completely new ways of meeting your assessment needs.

We help you deliver a solution which is inclusive, measurable and most importantly provides the best experience for your users.  This may involve working with your internal digital teams in an agile way or via management of a supplier or agency chosen by you.

Improving Recruitment & Development – what is ‘Immersive Assessment’?

Immersive assessment sits on a continuum of assessment techniques between situationally based techniques and assessment centres.

Immersive assessments can be used at many stages in the talent management cycle, either alongside or in place of more traditional psychometric assessments.

Real-life Examples:

Virtual Games-Based Assessment:

We have designed and developed the psychometrics that are responsible for key behavioural measurements such as ‘competency potential’ and ‘individual player performance’ which have been embedded into a virtual game-based simulation. Find out more by visiting JobFit

You can view JobFit’s YouTube video here

Applying Behavioural Metrics:

We have helped clients unlock ‘behavioural metrics’.  This is an immersive approach which helps organisations identify how their people actually perform in the workplace.  We can help you predict future performance, assessment, career development and leadership potential.