Job Fit is an online virtual psychometric game.

Based on a real-world work environment, JobFit is designed for students and jobseekers who want to develop their employability skills.

JobFit Philosophy: The Science

JobFit combines two strong traditions in psychometrics and the use of applied psychology to measure work-related competencies.

Like many existing and traditional measures i.e. Myers-Briggs and the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), JobFit includes measures based on the Five Factor Model of Personality.  Specifically JobFit concentrates on work-related areas stemming from superordinate traits like; Agreeableness; Extraversion; Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability.

Unlike many personality-based measures, JobFit works by sampling behaviours in real-time in response to virtual work-based situations not by answers to questionnaires.  So JobFit is more like a virtual assessment centre where behaviour is measured dynamically and as a part of a behavioural flow, unlike situational judgement tests or questionnaires where behaviour tends to be measured in parts and often as a multiple choice.

JobFit is therefore unique in the way it builds on fundamental concepts in personality measured dynamically in a simulation of work.

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