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Talent Metrics

Assessment model & content development, Statistical analysis, User research for employee selection, development and career guidance.

Candidate centric way of recruiting new employees with a focus on understanding needs and offering matching career opportunities

Candidate-centric opportunity model

Talent management traditionally uses a ‘talent funnel’ approach when assessing candidates for an organisation. Talent funnels typically start with low-cost self-assessment by candidates with incremental sifting until more expensive assessment methods are used to stream and filter applicants. A candidate-centric approach turns the funnel on it’s head and uses broader situations to sift candidates, provides feedback to candidates about best competency matches and finally matches candidates to career options. Where the candidate pool is narrow and where candidates want more control over future career options candidate-centric assessment is a viable alternative to a talent funnel.

A team who need a customised psychometric  assessment product for the organisation

Product Development

We combine industry-proved psychometric methods with custom-built assessments.

Applicants and employees need usable online journeys

User Journey Design

We test and refine online experiences so applicant and employee journeys are meaningful and rewarding.

Assessment results need to provide useful and meaningful talent metrics to the organisation

Talent Metrics

We develop talent metrics that are practical, valid, reliable and useful.