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SJT evolution

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) have evolved from an original focus on job knowledge to become the means to assess personality and competency traits. SJTs can be extended to assess how people make sense of new situations, develop understanding, make judgements and learn about situations.

SJT Design Options

Personality and Competency metrics

When people encounter and deal with situations they can reveal aspects of their personality traits and make use of existing competencies – SJTs can be designed to assess the use of these traits and aptitudes.

Situation complexity

Situations can be used to simulate existing and future work challenges and range from simple outlines to fully immersive experiences. Mapping situations onto the most important aspects of the work experience is critical to produce a valid assessment.

New situation handling measures

SJTs traditionally produce a single metric describing ‘mastery’ of a situation. Extending SJTs enables metrics for how people understand, deal with, learn about and apply this learning to work situations.

SJT Design

We offer SJT design services covering situation design including script-development for immersive simulations, metrics development including psychometric statistics and validation against real-world behaviour and performance.